Khánh Lê is an Assistant Professor of Multilingualism and English Education in the Department of Linguistics and Communication Disorders at Queens College, CUNY. He earned his PhD in Urban Education from the Graduate Center, CUNY. He is a scholar of language, race, the refugee experience, and trauma studies. As a child of a refugee family and a product of the Vietnam War, Dr. Lê’s research is at the intersection of translanguaging, transtrauma, and transmethodology. His most recent publication, “Transtrauma: Conceptualizing the Lived Experiences of Vietnamese American Youth” forwards transtrauma, a new framework for conceptualizing and understanding the lived experiences of Vietnamese American youth. The concept of transtrauma goes beyond the pathologizing of individual trauma, to examine how structures of domination inflict and extend trauma in marginalized communities, such as that of Vietnamese American communities. He has co-authored book chapters with Ofelia García, Gladys Aponte, and Ivana Espinet, published in the edited volumes: Translanguaging and Transformative Teaching for Emergent Bilingual Students and The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Education. He has also recently received an outstanding dissertation award (2nd place winner) from the Bilingual Education Research Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association. He is the recipient of the Graduate Center Fellowship, the Dissertation Year Fellowship, the Provosts University Fellowship, the Advanced Research Collaborative Grant, and Fulbright Hays Grant.

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